Hole Spotlight: The Par-3 17th at Myrtlewood’s Palmetto Course

Your first dramatic introduction to the Intracoastal Waterway at Myrtlewood Golf Club’s Palmetto Course comes at No. 17, a par 3 that’s not the course’s most difficult but certainly one of its most scenic and memorable. Join us for an aerial tour of this beauty!



Myrtlewood Golf Club
Palmetto Course

Hole No. 17 – Par 3
Blue – 179 Yards
White – 162 Yards
Gold – 125 Yards
Red – 106 Yards

The 17th has three teeing areas, all at different elevations. The combination of elevation and wind can significantly impact club selection.

It’s not exceedingly difficult, but there is trouble to be found. Take your time and trust your club selection.

Throw in a pond, two bunkers in the front, and the Intracoastal Waterway to the left of the green, and the 17th is one of Palmetto’s prettiest holes.

Hole Spotlight: The English Turn #15 Tribute Hole at World Tour

Of the many replica holes showcased at World Tour Golf Links, the par-5 5th Hole on its Open Nine offers a particularly memorable experience as it pays tribute to the famed No. 15 at the English Turn Golf & Country Club in New Orleans, La. Joins us for an aerial tour of this beauty!



World Tour Golf Links
Open Nine – No. 5
Par 5 – “English Turn #15”

Tournament – 542 Yards
Back – 492 Yards
Member – 435 Yards
Forward – 410 Yards

The 15th hole at the English Turn Golf & Country Club in New Orleans, Louisiana was the inspiration for this par 5.

English Turn architect Jack Nicklaus suggests: “You have to gamble on your tee shot, and gamble on your second shot.”

“Your second shot is a lay-up, allowing yourself a pitching wedge into a pretty good-sized green.”

Hole Spotlight: The Par-3 3rd on River Oaks’ Fox Nine

The first par 3 challenge you encounter on No. 3 at River Oaks Golf Club’s Fox nine is a memorable one. Join us for an aerial tour of this Intracoastal Waterway beauty, and get some tips on how best to play it!



River Oaks Golf Club
Hole No. 3 – Fox Nine
Par 3
Black – 189 Yards
Blue – 161 Yards
White – 140 Yards
Yellow – 117 Yards
Red – 104 Yards

Per River Oaks Head Pro Scott Taylor:

“Great hole here. We have a waste bunker all throughout the middle of this par 3, so it’s all carry.

“There is a front bunker on this green as well as a very deep bunker to the right of this green as well as a grass bunker, so I definitely recommend not erring to the right of this green. It’s going to be a difficult up-and-down from there.

“The green slopes from back to front, and you can get a pretty lengthy putt as this is a big green. Just be sure to get it up a little long and to the left on this green, and you should be able to walk out of there with a 3.”

Hole Spotlight: The 12th at Tidewater

It’s not only Tidewater’s signature hole, but the par-3 12th on this Ken Tomlinson design offers one of the most iconic vistas in all of Myrtle Beach golf. Join us on an aerial tour of this spectacular scene!



Tidewater Golf Club

Hole No. 12 – Par 3

Black – 189 Yards

Blue – 179 Yards

White – 145 Yards

Green – 108 Yards

Red – 99 Yards


Enjoy this aerial tour of Tidewater’s signature hole, and one of the most breathtaking scenes in all of Myrtle Beach golf!

Hole Spotlight: Carolina National Heron No. 5

You won’t find many holes along the Myrtle Beach golf scene more breathtaking than the challenging par-3 5th hole on the Heron Course at Carolina National Golf Club. Join us for a dynamic aerial tour of this beauty, along with suggestions on how best to play this masterpiece!



Carolina National
Heron #5 – Par 3

Black – 203 Yards
Gold – 191 Yards
Blue – 182 Yards
Teal – 161 Yards
White – 121 Yards

The signature hole at Carolina National, a par 3 that requires a good tee shot over the marsh to a bulk headed peninsula green.

Tee boxes wrap almost 180 degrees around the hole, again presenting a distinctly varied challenge from one tee to the next.

The wind will likely play a significant factor here and will make club selection very important when trying to hit the green in regulation.

Recovery shots will be a challenge as well, with undulation and bunkers around the playing surface.

Take a few extra seconds to enjoy the scenery of the Lockwood Folly River!

Hole Spotlight: The Par-4 11th at Grande Dunes Resort Course

The first par three on the back nine at the Resort Course at Grande Dunes can play completely different in any given round, depending on the tee box angle you’re presented that day. Join us for an aerial tour of this memorable hole!



Resort Course at Grande Dunes

Hole No. 11 – Par 3

Gold – 190 Yards

Black – 174 Yards

Blue – 150 Yards

White – 124 Yards

Silver – 110 Yards

Red – 95 Yards

Tee box options covering a 90-degree spread from left to right can make this a dramatically different playing hole from round to round.

Waste bunkers face you off any tee box you play.

Note the slope of the green from the center to the front from this angle. Short tee shots will find the collection area, but still give you a good chance to get it up and down for par.

Hole Spotlight: The Par-4 16th at Crown Park Golf Club

This dogleg left par four at Crown Park Golf Club can make or break your round. Join us for an aerial video tour of this hole, along with our suggestions on how best to play it!


Crown Park Golf Club

Hole No. 16 – Par 4

Blue – 379 Yards

White – 350 Yards

Golf – 298 Yards

Red – 276 Yards

This dogleg left par four requires a tee shot up the right-hand side.

Avoiding the large lake protecting the inside of the dogleg is a must here.

Players who find the fairway can attack this green.

Steer clear of the two greenside bunkers, and an easy birdie is within your grasp!

Hole Spotlight: No. 9 at Prestwick Country Club

The 9th hole at Prestwick Country Club is a tough par five that, in true Pete & P.B. Dye style, wraps around a large lake. Avoid these bunkers if you want to make par here!



Prestwick Country Club
Hole No. 9 – Par 5
Black – 537 Yards
Blue – 507 Yards
White – 486 Yards
Green – 454 Yards
Red – 423 Yards

This tough par five demands perfection on every shot.

If you lay up, make sure you miss the cluster of bunkers on the right side of the fairway.

Finding the greenside bunkers will lead to a bogey.

Make sure you find the right section of this expansive green.

Myrtle Beach Golf Hole Spotlight: The 18th at Legends Golf Resort’s Heathland Course

Buckle up for an exciting finish to your golf round when you get to the 18th hole at the Heathland Course at Legends Golf Resort! We’re here to take you on an aerial tour of this finisher, along with suggestions on how best to play it.


Legends Resort – Heathland Course

Hole No. 18 – Par 4

Blue – 414 Yards

White – 387 Yards

Green – 364 Yards

Red – 311 Yards

Rack up your red numbers at Heathland on holes 1-15, because its finishing stretch is the course’s toughest.

The 18th is a longer par 4 with beautiful fairway bunkers that frame it memorably on each side.

Those bunkers will challenge you to put your tee shot in the short grass, leaving a mid- to high-iron approach to the green.

The only mishit approach not guarded by greenside bunkers is long. Know your pin placement relative to the center ridge of the green, from which it slopes to the front.

While you’re there, enjoy the surrounding views accented by Legends’ beautiful clubhouse.

Video Hole Spotlight: The Par-5 18th at River Club

It’s one of the great finishing holes in all of Myrtle Beach golf! Join us as we take you on an aerial tour of the par-5 18th at Tom Jackson’s River Club, and offer suggestions on how best you can play it!


River Club
No. 18 – Par 5

Blue – 518 Yards
White – 493 Yards
Red – 369 Yards

A great risk-reward way to finish a round!

For the conservative player, the tee shot plays to the right of this bunker, leaving a short-iron layup that reduces the hazard risk.

The aggressive approach is a tee shot to the landing area in front of the bunker – 245 yards from the tips to clear the water.

Find the middle of this landing area, and you’re a 150-yard iron away from the center of the green and a great chance for eagle!

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